27 Facts You Did Not Know About BABIES

Facts About Babies

1. A human baby has over 60 more bones than an adult.

2. A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his body.

3.  From birth to toilet training, a baby goes through an average of 8000 diaper changes.

4. Babies are born with no bacteria in their bodies.

5. Parents of new babies miss out on 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child's life.

6. Newborn babies can only see in black and white for a few months.

7. Baby foreskins are commonly used in cosmetic treatments.

8. Neuroscientists believe babies don't dream for the first few years of their life.

9. As late as 1985, doctors believed babies didn't feel pain and conducted surgeries with no anaesthesia.

10. More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the U.S., due to their mothers' use of the drug during pregnancy.

11. Babies have three times as many taste buds as adults.

12. Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed, many studies suggest.

13. James Harrison has donated blood over 1,000 times saving over 2 million unborn babies from Rhesus disease.

14. Every 30 seconds, a baby is born with a birth defect in China.

15. Over 90% of women who learn that they are carrying a baby with Down Syndrome, will choose abortion over keeping their baby.

16. A baby was born in 2005 with a conjoined head that had no body. The head could blink and smile.

17. Babies are born with self-awareness which allows them to differentiate their bodies from other people's.

18. A 20-month-old baby became the youngest professional soccer player ever, after being signed up by a Belgian club.

19. Women who snore during pregnancy are more likely to have smaller babies, according to a study.

20. During pregnancy, if the mother suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ.

21. Baby cages hanging out the window were used in America in the 1920s.

22. Brazil distributes women's breast milk around the country to babies whose mothers can't provide it for them.

23. Between 1838 and 1960, more than half the photos taken were of babies.

24. Every year, about a million girl foetuses are aborted and tens of thousands of girl babies are abandoned in China because of the country's one-child policy.

25. A woman from Michigan gave birth to her babies on 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and 10/10/10.

26. 1 in 5,000 babies are born without an anus opening.

27. A baby is born on its predicted due date just 4% of the time.

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