10 Facts You Did Not Know About Bears

facts about bear

Facts About Bear

1. The “giant panda” is actually a bear.

2. Polar bears are the largest land predators on earth, standing over 11′ high and weighting over 1,700 lbs.

3. Residents of Churchill, Canada, leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears.

4. Unlike many mammals bears can see in color.

5. Licence plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears.

6. All polar bears alive today can trace their ancestry back to one female brown bear who lived in Ireland 50,000 years ago.

7. Theodore Roosevelt had a pet bear while in office.

8. Under their fur, polar bears have black skin.

9. There are no polar bears in Antarctica, only in the Arctic‎.

10. There’s a shark in Greenland that eats polar bears and can live up to 200 years.

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Bears

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