10 Facts You Did Not Know About Toilet

facts about toilet

Facts About Toilet

1. The average person spends 3 months of its lifetime sitting on the toilet.

2. Computer Keyboards can carry more than 200 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat.

3. 1 billion people still defecate in the open, in the absence of a toilet.

4. There’s a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan, where food is served on miniature toilets.

5. Americans spend 5 cents per day by flushing their toilets.

6. More People In The World Have Mobile Phones Than Toilets.

7. The average toilet uses 6 litres (1.6 gal) of clean water in a single flush.

8. Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.

9. The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.

10. The inhabitants of ancient Rome had a sewer goddess, a toilet god, and a god of excrement.

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Toilet

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